Download All Your Data from Google Search Console

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Yes, finally it’s here! For years webmasters and web owners have had this little issue with Google Search Console, when you wanted to download your data from the Search Console to analyze it further somewhere else you were only able to download specific table views, now, you will be able to download complete sets of data.

When you export data from the Enhancement reports, you will now be able to download all the data behind the charts instead of only the details table, that means that you will be able to download:

  • List of issues and their affected pages
  • Daily breakdown of your pages with their status and impressions on search
  • For drill-down views, you will be able to see the details describing the view
  • And you can choose between Google Sheets and Excel

Here is an example of the data: 

amp data

For performance reports, you now can download all tabs:

  • Queries
  • Pages
  • Countries
  • Devices
  • Search appearances
  • Dates 

All this with one click, also in the same file you will find an extra tab with the “Filters” that were applied when the data was exported.



performance data