DoorDash Hack Affects 5 Million Users

door dash hack

Date: 28 – September – 2019


DoorDash confirmed that they got hacked on May 4, 2019, the information of 4.9 million customers, merchants and delivery workers got stolen by hackers, the users affected are the ones who joined before April 5, 2018, but it’s still not clear why it took them almost five months to make the announcement of the data breach public.

The data compromised includes names, phone numbers, email, delivery address, the last four digits of some customers’ payment cards, the last four digits of some Dasher’s bank accounts and the license numbers of 100,000 Dashers, they said that they are in the process of notifying those affected and will continue to reach out over the coming days.

 DoorDash says that the information that was compromised is not sufficient to make fraudulent charges on cards or withdraws from bank accounts, nevertheless they recommend to be aware of any irregular activity on your bank accounts. 

 Finally, they encouraged its users to change their passwords using the following link: