Chrome May Show a Badge for Slow-loading Sites

google speed message

Date: 14 – November – 2019


Google Chrome might start to show a special badge on websites that have slow loading speeds, but also, they will show a badge for sites that have fast loading speeds, in order to determine the badge, Google will take into account the historical loading times of the website. 


Further along, Google will also inform you that the page might be loading slow because of your device and network conditions. 


Some of the ideas that Google has to make clear to the user that the site is “slow” are display a loading message for the slow sites and a green progress bar for the fastest ones. 


The long-term goal of Google is to identify high-quality experiences for the user, and this may include more signals than just the loading speed of the site, but this is a first step towards that goal.


If you want to check the speed performance of your site you can do it by typing the URL on PageSpeed Insights also you can use the Lighthouse dev tool. 


Or if you have WordPress you can check the speed of the site using the Google Site Kit plugin.