Check your review snippets using Google Search Console

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Google announced today that now you can check your review snippets using Google Search Console, also you can use it to find and fix issues in with their implementation and it provides a performance report where you can find metrics like impressions, clicks, and CTR.

The Enhancement report will show you errors, warnings and valid pages where the review snipped markup is implemented, and also you can use it to validate the page once you have fixed it, this will make Google re-crawl all the affected pages.

reviews snippet enhancement

In the Performance report, you will find the number of impressions, clicks, and CTR of your review snippet pages on Google Search and Discover, to see the data select the “Review snippet” search appearance filter.

reviews snippet performance

Finally, you can use the Rich Results Test tool, to test the Review snippets structured data of your pages, and the tool will show any errors on it, this way you will be able to identify and fix issues on review snippets. 

rich results test