Changes on Google Mobile-First Indexing Documentation


Date: 22 – January– 2019


Today via Twitter, Google announced that they have made significant updates to the “developers’ documentation on mobile-first indexing”, this document provides the best practices that all mobile website must try to follow.

Some of the most important changes are:

>>  Make sure that the content it’s the same on desktop and mobile. (if mobile loads less content than the desktop version you will expect traffic loss)

>>  Make sure that Googlebot can access and render the content.

>>  Use the same structured data, headings and meta robot tags on the desktop and mobile versions.

>>  Don’t lazy-load primary content upon user interaction.

>>  Use high-quality images with the same alt text between desktop and mobile

>>  Use supported video formats and DON’T put the video at the bottom of the page

>>  Don’t use URLs that change every time the page loads for images or videos. (If your site is using different image URLs for the desktop and mobile site, you may see a temporary image traffic loss).

 Finally, at the end of the new document, you will be able to find a list for troubleshooting the most common errors that prevent a site being enabled for mobile-first indexing or might cause a drop in the site ranking after been enabled for mobile-first indexing.