Facebook New Interactive Ads

Facebook informed that they are introducing a new series of interactive Ads, this are Polls Ads, Augmented Reality (AR) Ads and Playable Ads.

Google Campaign Optimization Scores now available on Google Ads App

Google Campaign Optimization Scores now available on Google App Share: Date: 17 – September – 2019 [Sassy_Social_Share] It is now possible to review and apply campaign optimization scores and recommendations directly from the Google Ads application, the optimization score introduced last year evaluates the level of campaign optimization and makes recommendations that are displayed according […]

Europe Governments and Central Banks fear Libra

Libra in the Eurozone soon? Central Banks and Governments oppose. Share: Date: 17 – September – 2019 [Sassy_Social_Share] The European Central Bank said that they are setting a very high regulatory approval bar for Libra, the cryptocurrency project of Facebook, after governments in Europe expressed their concerns about digital currencies.  Officials of 26 central banks […]

LastPass bug fixed

LastPass patched a bug that could have leaked the last used credentials of its users. Share: Date: 17 – September – 2019 [Sassy_Social_Share] LastPass informed that they had patched a vulnerability that was found by Google Project Zero* Analyst, Tavis Ormandy, he reported this bug on the 29th of August as Project Zero issue 1930, […]

Users Report that Google Search is Down​

Users Report that Google Search is Down Google Search outage A Google search outage has affected users around the world as their search queries returned “internal server errors” and “Server Error – We’re sorry but it appears that there has been an internal server error while processing your request. Our engineers have been notified and […]

Why is it important for professionals and companies to have a LinkedIn profile? Here we tell you what you might be missing.

What is LinkedIn about? LinkedIn has positioned itself as the platform in excellence for “professional networking“, allowing it’s users from publish their CVs to create company profiles, on LinkedIn you can contact colleagues, search for job positions and even allows ​to contact each other, this way LinkedIn evolved to specialize in Professional field.  A few […]

A Summary of the Google Marketing Live 2019

Yesterday was the first day of the Google Marketing Live 2019 event, “The Event for Marketing in Google”, here is what I found most interesting from the presentation, be aware that some of the new tools are still on beta face and others will first be launched at very specific locations before launching them worldwide, […]

YouTube is more than entertainment, how to implement it in your business?

YouTube was launched in February 2005 and by November 2006 Google bought it for $1.65 billion dollars, YouTube is the platform to go in case you are looking for a video of anything (always that is allowed by their politics), from TV Shows, Politics, Music, Travel, Food, Video Tutorials and more, is calculated that worldwide […]