Google Chrome will block annoying ads on videos

Google Chrome announced today that they will begin to apply the new standards for video ads that were announced today by the Coalition for Better Ads, this coalition helps companies like Google to determine which ads are the most intrusive for users based on feedback from around the world.

Remove Pages, Update Snippets and SafeSearch using Google Search Console

Google announced today that they have a new version of their Removal Report in Google Search Console, this tool allows you to temporarily remove pages from Google Search, track the requests of outdated content and also show the pages on your site that have been flagged because contains adult content.

Google Dataset Search is out of beta

Google indexed nearly 25 million different data sets. Over the past year, users have tested this service and left their reviews, based on which Google added new features to Dataset Search.

Google says it’s testing changes in the display of search results

Last week Google changed the design they use to display the results from Search in desktop to mirror the design on mobile, two of the more noticeable changes are the inclusion of the favicon next to the URL of the website and the change of the Ad label from green to black, that now it’s placed in the same position that the website favicon.

React with Emojis to Twitter DMs

Today Twitter announced that now you can react to direct messages with emojis, yes!, exactly just like you do on Instagram or Facebook, now also on Twitter, you can do this by double-tapping the message or click over the heart and + icon and pick the emoji you want to sent.

Changes on Google Mobile-First Indexing Documentation

Today via Twitter, Google announced that they have made significant updates to the “developers’ documentation on mobile-first indexing”, this document provides the best practices that all mobile website must try to follow.