Cable Companies Against Google New DNS Standard because Encrypts Internet Traffic


Date: 29 – September – 2019


Cable and wireless companies urged to stop Google from implementing a new DNS standard on Chrome and Android that will encrypt the internet traffic.

Congressional Antitrust Investigators are reviewing the plans of Google to adopt a new DNS protocol that will improve internet security by encrypting the traffic and preventing hackers from spoofing and snooping on it, but this also prevents internet providers from obtaining information about the user’s internet behavior.

According to the Wall Street Journal, on September 19th a coalition of internet service providers sent a letter to lawmakers expressing their concerns about this new protocol, saying that: “Google would acquire greater control over user data across networks and devices around the world. This could inhibit competitors and possibly foreclose competition in advertising and other industries.” 

Marshall Erwin, Mozilla’s senior director of trust and safety said that the antitrust concerns against Google are “fundamentally misleading,” and the reasons behind this “concerns” is to undermine the new standard and ensure that they [service providers] have continued access to the DNS data.

Google is planning to test the new protocol next month in about 1% of its Chrome Browser users, but they are not the only company making tests to adopt the new protocol, Mozilla, the developers of Firefox are going to make something similar during the next weeks, and they are planning to move most of their US-based customers to this new protocol as early as the end of the year.

We still need to wait for the decision of the Congressional Antitrust Investigators about the concerns raised by the cable and wireless companies, let’s not forget that Google has an Antitrust Investigation underway already.