Ad Placement in Facebook Search

facebook search

Date: 21 – October – 2019


Facebook is rolling out Search ad Placement to all advertisers, this will give you the opportunity to show your ads to people who “are in the discovery mindset” while browsing the general search and Marketplace search sections. 


You can include the Search placement for your ads while creating your campaign by selecting it manually or using the “automatic placements” option, both placements will respect your target audience and they appear to the user based on search terms on  English and Spanish that are contextually relevant, and no, you can’t choose the terms for your ad to appear as in AdWords, in this case the terms are determined by Facebook based on the ad text, type of product, title, category, and other ad features.


The ads on these placements are designed to fit with the experience on the Marketplace search and general search, and include a “Sponsored” label as the ads on the news feed.  


According to an internal Facebook research, opting-in to Facebook News Feed and Marketplace “generally results in a lower cost per incremental lift for mid-funnel brand metrics than News Feed alone”. And also the “consumers’ perceptions of brand favorability and brand quality remained neutral or positive”.